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Some of my followers asked me about the different blues of blue alpacassos. So i hv took this pic as a reference for ppl who wants to know. This picture hasnt gone through any editing. From what i see the snk and rainbow they are totally identical except the snk has the cape. Soda stands out the most coz the blue is totally unique. #Arpakasso #alpacasso #amuse #rosysgarden #rosy61987 #cute #blue #kawaii #plush toys #tutorial
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Ahhh the dancing alpacasso came in today!!!!! Thank you so much derpola for selling it to me ;w; Ahhhhh dreams do come true!!! And the little lightbulb keychain is so cute hehe. Thank you so much!
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Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

Just did the challenge today as nominated by fellow friends/for my dance group Van48.

Donating $10 to ALS because I really felt the pain of having to deal with this rare motor neurone disease. Not being able to move my ankle for weeks sucks, I can’t imagine having to feel submerged in ice water all the time, freezing.

Apparently in Canada we have the highest rates of getting ALS so as I always say “be the change you want to see”!

Don’t worry Californians, I made sure to do it in my dry yard where the water will go towards the grass as I haven’t had time to water them for almost a month oops. Believe it or not I was born in California so I feel you all ;A; Droughts really suck.

If you guys haven’t heard yet (who am I kidding xD) there is a controversy about this fundraiser. I just want to say whether you decide to do it or not, that is up to you but try not to condemn others for wanting to support a cause. ovob

Usually I’m more focused on issues like human trafficking/cyber-bullying/Cancer research and supporting the Nordic model but ALS really grabbed my attention as I can’t imagine not having control over my body for that long.

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I brought those out for kuriko today XD #roppi #loppy #alpacasso #amuse #rosy61987 #rosygarden #kuriko12 #kuriko #morigirl #morigirls #rabbit #bunny #cute #kawaii #polkadots
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depart?!   #amuse #kotori #alpacasso #attackontitan
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