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Happy 985 followers! I wonder if I can reach 1000 by the end of August! *^*

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Anonymous sent: so u won't sell anything anymore?

Well, if I have extras and people want a certain alpacasso then yes… I’ll sell 0.0;; BUT like business wise I want to stay true to my roots *^*!

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Alpaca Galore is no longer my business

I have decided to give my business to a friend. I am more into entertainment anyways. I will still be helping out but no longer running it.

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This is my mystery box ovo
There was a note but I accidentally ripped it so I won’t be able to show you guys BUT it said “get well soon” and just look at this mystery box… Frick I love it. Thank you Rosy!

Edit: I bought the swimmer one *^*
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Latest order of cuties! I took a chance and ordered one of Rosy’s *~mystery~* boxes and everything was so cute and perfect! ; u;
Only the plushes are pictured here, but trust me the other stuff is equally adorable u vu

So jealous of that kaomoji looking hat ;A;
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Shout out to the lovely Kuriko!
I got this lovely handmade bonnet and White Rainbow Alpacasso from Kuriko’s super cute, mori Storenvy!
The bonnet is very well made and adorable on this Alpacasso! I bought the set that comes with an Alpacasso but if you just want an adorable bonnet, you can customize yours to have white flowers or pink flowers, and you can even choose among a white, pink, and mint ribbon!
Thank you again, Kuriko! <3
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All the other sizes of antique series arrived :3 #alpaca #alpacasso #arpakasso #cute #amuse #kawaii #rosy61987 #rosygarden #rosy #rosysgarden
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Antique alpacassos are here! 4 ladies and 1 gentleman! haha! #alpacasso #arpakasso #alpacassosg #antique #amuse #julyseries #cuties

OMG so cute ;A;