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Anonymous sent: I was wondering who giftshotel was because they followed me, so I went on their blog and saw that they were bad mouthing you and Rosy! I blocked them right away when I saw that. Unfortunately, blocking someone doesn't make them unfollow you, because they're still in my follower count. It really bugs me!

No worries! This happens to everyone! They have been trying to convert people for a long time -huggles- she follows me too… Tumblr doesn’t care so the only way to solve this is reblogging! Please reblog my post! ;A;

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Rosy61987 vs Giftshotel

Hi guys! If anyone dares to mistreat one of my best friends I will be angry D8

Rosy has always taken care of me since I started collecting. If you want cheap alpacas GTFO and talk to “Giftshotel”! When it is fake don’t come back crying cause we warned you.

I am seriously annoyed with the amount of rude Anons who attack my supplier and my best friend. If you are jealous try and start your own business! When you do you’ll realize how hard it is!

Rosy does so *fucking much. She gives everyone the nicest freebies too! I don’t understand why anyone would ever reblog anything from giftshotel after she bullied me and Rosy.

Giftshotel is one of the reasons I am puking blood. You guys watch your backs cause I no longer have the patience to do so :(

Anyone who believes Giftshotel’s nonsense clearly has not bothered to research. Please reblog the crap out of this! I am sick and tired of bowing down to Giftshotel. I want to make a change. FML. Btw giftshotel is known as PFP or Rosy61978. Go check tags for brief history lesson. Ps. If you’re too scared to reblog you need to grow up with us, this is something we are fighting for. It has been too long! We can’t stop now! Join me my followers! I have 960! We can do this D8 I will be seriously disappointed in life if I don’t see justice served. Liking this post helps too.
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Guess who’s working on Rosy’s business card? :X Still a prototype though ^^;;

Rosy!! Can I get an autograph from you! *^*!!!
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She’s healing dw
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How to be a Seller (of Alpacasso/Arpakasso)

Kittyblacksheep (Leah) already talked about this before but I get this question so often so I will try to respond to it myself ovo I run Alpaca Galore in Vancouver! My supplier is Rosy’s Garden ovo

1. Know where you a selling (As in know your market… Don’t steal other people’s customers.) I started locally and to this day I still sell locally ovo I always recommend my international buyers to buy where it is “cheapest”. Some people buy from me because they want to buy from “me”… That is fine, I love all my supporters and as long as you know about the cheaper place and don’t blame me I am totally cool with it ovo

2. This plushie business is NOT about making money. Honestly I rarely make much :/ I only ever break even at conventions.

3. Don’t get mad until you have tried first to solve a problem. Whether that is offering discounts or some condolence be nice!

4. Never ever lie. It will come back and bite you in the bum. Especially if the condition of items are meh… Sell what you would buy!

5. Do not ask for pity.

6. Most importantly make connections! But don’t take advantage of others! Treat people how you want to be treated! If you are rude/harassing/annoying… No kidding you got ignored?

Basically the 3 business models I follow…

1. Treat people how you want to be treated.
2. “I may not agree with what you have to say… But I’ll defend your right to say it!”
3. Always be the better person!

But remember… Everyone is only human! If you’re being too rude step back and apologize! If you keep that pedestal attitude up, expect to be hated on cause that is plain out rude. Right? :D So “treat others how you want to be treated”! Because then the world will be a happier place.

Good luck young grasshoppacas!! Stay classy!

I know my tutorial does not talk about where to get Alpacassos… That’s because Leah already went over it in her tutorial so please hunt it down ovob
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Omgosh… I love you Rosy!!!

This is my mystery box ^^ She handwrote me a get well note that almost made me cry. Today has been so so bad, so I fought pain pill tireds to make sure I didn’t miss the mail.

I love everything ♡~♡ I didn’t get anything I already had (well I have a big baby maid but never enough maids!) and just.. ugh!!! So so happy. I am so buying another one. Everything was individually wrapped in cute bags, too! The neko donuts and Wooly are so cute, I plan to buy more! Thank you so much Rosy. This truly made a terrible day a bit better and everytime I get a package from you I am always reminded why I shop with you~

Rosy is so nice!!! :D
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Anonymous sent: O no! I really hope you get get better soon, dear! Have a good day!

Thank you! :D

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alpacaxy sent: i hope you're feeling better soreyal! ^w^

Thank you Nexy! :D