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milkdubbs sent: Will the graphic novel be digital or physical?? I can't wait!(^◇^)

Visual novel is digital ovo

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koileythings sent: hi there!! i downloaded alpaca world after i saw your post. i knew about it before but didn't know what it was called, so thank you! i was wondering, how'd you get so much money? i did only just download it and i'm assuming it takes time to really do well but do you have any tips? thanks!! <3

Hello! I spent 100+ hours playing this while on a trip xD You just need to grind the levels of your alpacas and catch alpacas that has expensive wool and save up! :D Shadow alpacas have wool that are worth the most! *^* Good luck. ovo

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Anonymous sent: Purple macaroons cost 80+ shipped and are really rare.




thank you for the info anon c: after spending hours looking for one i have realized that they are rare but i didnt know they came with such a hefty price tag. im thinking about giving up and just getting one from the night series. ):

Night series is really cute! *^* Macaroon prices skyrocketed especially the purple ones due to Señor Arpakasso ;A;//

yeah the yellow one in the night series is just so cute! what is señor arpakasso?! lol i feel so lost im just getting in to these alpaca babies haha.

He’s this really cute YouTube celebrity who is an alpaca *^*! Search him up :D