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He’s ready to celebrate Halloween *W* Just need to find him a top hat… LOL FANCY SMANCY RAMUNE ALPACASSO <3

Edit: the amount of likes this baby got is ridiculous, thank you so much for the shares and support

It’s that time of season again ovo Happy early Halloween! :DI can’t believe it’s been just about a year and a little bit since I started collecting~ Thank you for all the amazing support~I really appreciate all the help I got with collecting. If I can find my Ramune in the pile of Alpacassos I have I’ll grab a renewed picture. *^*
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For the birdy lovers~
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Let’s play the guessing game, how much money and tears did Derpola have to go through to get these Alpacasso?

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Derpola’s Halloween treat bags !

^_^ I already made a post about this, but I decided to make some changes thanks to some feedback I got from followers. Therefore, now you all have 3 options to choose from. Please read the descriptions below of the options you are able to purchase. Each Halloween treat bag should include one plush and a random assortment of yummy candies :)
1) The Collector [$15.00]
This treat bag is for those who are looking for older series of 8cm Alpacasso that were released 2-3 years ago.

2) Mainstream [$13.00]
If you are more of a fan of the newly released series of 8cm Alpacasso, this treat bag is for you!

3) I’m feeling lucky [$12.00]
Like surprises? Take your chance at this treat bag for any kind of random small plush. 

I ship from California, all USA orders have a shipping costs of $3.75 per Halloween treat bag. That includes the tracking number. I also offer combined shipping if you decide to buy more ~

& I will also allow buyers to tell me what series they already own, so that they will not get a double of that series. Please just mention it to me though email when placing your order. Send inquires to Alpacasso@live.com if you are interested in purchasing a Halloween treat bag.
**Halloween treat bags are only available for a limited amount of time until October 31, 2014.For more sales related posts, please view them here:
- Alpacasso in stock
- More Surprise lucky bags!
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derpola sent: Do you remember the beige winter scarf alpaca that I also really like? :) it has a blue and green patterned scarf. I'll post a pic if you don't remember~ But I'd like to see that in your art style please nwn



Hehehe, thank you for requesting, derpola! I hope you like it!

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